Kim Kardashian

Gay bricklayers & plumbers – unofficially gay – coming down off ecstasy

Choose work shorts just a little on the tight side

This is how they like it now, hidden & industrious in plain sight

With the building site radio selling the world its next weekend

Selling them Domino’s Pizza Deluxe

That dyed concubine from Sunday’s hourless morning

(In the arc of sunshine & radio now, the bricklayers & plumbers

Recall him as a toffee sweet ghoul of night)

He’s in a salon snipping at the head on a champagne blimp

& the Hollywood rag mag is slapped open in front of them

Like some toilet stall porn sheets for wiping

And the rinsing concubine & the champagne blimp are throwing opinions

On the styles of Kim Kardashian who turned up somewhere

Looking thoroughly slaked from toe to scalp

Glistened in gouts of cannonade semen (as always)

The snorkelling cameras grind and spit

Meanwhile, back on the building site

The straight ones & the gay ones have all risen this morning

From the pews of the Church of Submerged into the

Church of Emerged

Adult men with their cocks put away now like model train sets

They refer to this evening as a ‘school night’ when invited to the pub

But sink a couple of beers then home for the

Church of Television, some to rattle in the chambers of

The Church of Jerk Off

Parishioners all, moderates in mainline religions

The fundamentalists in the Church of Submerged

Still die of cirrhosis & VD & naked madness

The fundamentalists in the Church of Emerged

Keep the bankers juicy-happy then die dead with various assets


Will Swan


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